Friday, April 5, 2013

Heaven In Your Mouth

Flip'N Patties is a food truck that gets it right!

        Flip'N Patties was all started when Michael Jante and Donramon Jante, 2 Filipino cousins, joined in Houston to help bring the "heaven in your mouth" experience of Filipino cuisine through their food truck. Along the way, they discovered that they loved burgers and tried to incorporate this American staple with traditional Filipino food. Since then, Flip'N Patties has gone on to make delicious food for everyone to joy, as well as allowing you to sing karaoke while you're eating.

Their Iconic Truck - Photo By Me

        Flip'N Patties has a wide range of meals that you can positively enjoy. For their traditional entree, try their Flip'N Patty. No ordinary burger, this succulent patty is stacked with lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, and a stuffed portobello mushroom all between a steamed siopao bun. This burger, due to its special spicy sauce, has a ton of flavor and heat to warm up your winter days.

The Main Dish - Photo By Me

        However, if you don't want to get too messy while eating, try their famous chicken pupu. Although it may sound disgusting, it is anything but. This Filipino version of fried chicken includes their free-range chicken marinated in their secret sauce and then battered and fried to make this sweet and savory chicken.  Honestly, it was good but it didn't wow me like any of their other dishes did.

Chicken Pupu - Photo By Me

        The perfect side to any burger is a good plate of fries. So Flip'N Patties made their own signature dish of fries, the Flip'N Fries. Combining their meat from their patties, chicken pupu, longanisa, or smoked pork butt, with their crispy fries and their house sauces, the Flip'N Fries is a great side dish to share with your friends and family. However, I wish it had more flavor and spices to make you really gasp.

Spicy Fries - Photo By Me

         And for dessert, there is nothing more perfect than the traditional Filipino dessert, halo-halo. A perfect blend of Asian tropical fruits and beans, sweet corn, vanilla and ube ice cream, a sweet leche flan, shaved ice, and condensed milk, this is truly a masterpiece. However, I couldn't eat very much because the cup was stolen from me every time I tried to get a sip. It's that good!

Sweet Sensation - Photo By Me

          Overall, Flip'N Patties is one of the good food trucks, with good food, drinks, and even some karaoke on those drunken nights. I will definitely keep going to this food truck as long as I live. Flip'N Patties is going to be yummy for your tummy!

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