Wednesday, September 26, 2012


          Everywhere we go, we hear buzz words such as 'Green', 'Organic' and 'Sustainable Farming'.  So, when I heard that Houston had a certified green restaurant, I just had to check it out.  Located at Citycentre in Westside Houston, Ruggles Green is a restaurant that uses organic, all-natural, hormone-free, and preservative-free products to create healthy and delicious food for your whole family.


         So, one Sunday, I just had to march to this place and see what they had to offer. For my appetizer, I ordered Ruggles Green's famous hempanadas. These delicate empanadas are made with high-protein hemp flour, handcrafted and filled with raisins and the tastiest cheeses. Then the juiciest beef is added and is baked until the dough turns golden brown. With their special sauces, a garlic cilantro sauce that makes your taste buds tingle with excitement, and a peach chipotle sauce, which leaves you wanting more, their hempanadas are the absolute perfection.

         For the main course, I decided to try their signature veggie nut burger. Placed between a whole-wheat bun, the patty is made with sauteed vegetables, potatoes, almonds, fresh corn, hemp protein, bread crumbs, and organic hummus to create something mouthwatering. Garnished with some mixed greens, your pick of cheese, and their house-made pickles, this burger makes you want to turn vegetarian. However, although the veggie nut burger is very scrumptious, the lack of fat while cooking makes the patty dry and causes the burger to crumble. It was a little bit messy but it was quite satisfying.

         I could not leave this place without trying one of the desserts and I was glad I saved room for it. Their absolutely heavenly white chocolate bread pudding will make you see the stars. Made with the sweet white chocolate, this bread pudding is simply topped with a fresh-made vanilla bean ice cream and a tasty strawberry sauce on the side. Then, topped with a chocolate design, this dessert is just divine, with no other bread pudding coming even close to it.

      Ruggles Green did not disappoint. Who knows that gluten free and preservative free foods can be healthy and delicious at the same time? As I walked out the door, I was filled with satisfaction knowing the fact that I not only ate something that was beneficial to my health, but that I also contributed to the health of our planet.  Don't you want to save your planet today?

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Monday, September 10, 2012

What's It All About?

       Hey guys, this is my new blog called Yummy for Your Tummy. Basically, what I'm going to be doing is showing you some awesome recipes from all around the globe and where and what are the best restaurants in the U.S. I'm going to show you these things almost every other week. This blog will be different from all the other blogs because I'm going to ask you to make and rate the dishes that I'm showing you. I also want you to give me some of your delicious recipes that you want the world to see and taste for themselves. I want you to tell me about the best, most outrageous restaurants you've ever been. I'll be posting a whole range of different foods from the fanciest, most expensive dishes to the most savory and humbling street food. Trust me, you're not going to want to miss this. So come and write and read some of the best posts of food and cooking this year. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy my blog and tell your friends.


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